‘Some dynamics in play’

Mar 15, 2013  -  No Comments
by Kirby Lee Davis The Journal Record Tulsa commercial property brokers foresee signs of opportunity You could see the pleasure in Mendy Parish’s eyes as she spoke of Tulsa’s surging retail property sales. After four years of weakened activity, Parish told her NAIOP Tulsa Trends 2012 Conference audience that seven

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Downtown Tulsa commercial property listings surge

Mar 15, 2013  -  No Comments
by Kirby Lee DavisThe Journal Record The number of downtown Tulsa commercial properties actively listed for sale has reached its highest point since the 1980s, according to a study by Nick Probst, Corporate Realty Advisors commercial broker. A large chunk of that reflects Kanbar Properties putting much of its 2-million-square-foot

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Boom Or Bust? What’s Happening In Second Tier Cities

May 24, 2011  -  Comments Off on Boom Or Bust? What’s Happening In Second Tier Cities
The experts all agree: Real estate is a cyclical industry. The experts also agree that some of those cycles are only partially foreseeable and impossible to predict. However, in the commercial office markets in what many analysts call second-tier cities, an established cycle does exist. Each phase of the cycle

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Lease Vs. Own Decision

Mar 24, 2011  -  Comments Off on Lease Vs. Own Decision
Fledgling entrepreneurs — be they owners of accounting firms, machine shops, local restaurants, clothing stores, dry cleaning establishments or other small businesses – face the question of whether to lease or own the property housing their business. According to a national commercial real estate expert, there is no right or

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