What To Expect When You Search For Your Practice Location

Jun 15, 2017  -  No Comments
What To Expect When You Search For Your Practice Location! When you decide it is time to select your first office, relocate from an existing site or start a second practice location, here’s what to expect in that process: What part of Town? If you’re opening a new practice, think

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What to Expect during the Build-out of Your Office!

May 31, 2017  -  No Comments
  After your lease is signed, your contractor is on board and construction starts, here’s what to expect: Construction Permit Time If your new office is in an incorporated area (that there’s a local municipal government, like a town, city, borough or other local government agency), it is very likely

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Tulsa World article highlights benefits of SBA Financing for Professionals

Jul 15, 2012  -  No Comments

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Hard at Work in the Holiday Season.

Nov 23, 2011  -   -  No Comments
“Let’s wait till after the Holidays” is as common as the “best sale all year!” ads you’ll see this season. And for good reason, we’d all like to be doing things with our family rather than focusing on difficult problems. We just want you to know that real estate business

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