The right location can increase your profits. CRA can partner with you to determine if it is more profitable to own or lease a facility, obtain financing, negotiate a cost-effective lease or purchase agreement, select a site, design and construct a facility, and maximize your tax benefits.

  • Commercial Leasing with Accountability

    Unlike other brokers, we provide accountability-based listing services. Each month, our clients receive a complete report detailing calls, meetings and tasks completed for a specific listing, whether for sale or for lease. No matter if it is a piece of raw land ready for development or a high-rise leasing assignment, progress on your project is tracked and measured.

  • Landlord Representation

    We get your building occupied. We have a history of matching the right tenants to the right location. That gives you a long-term, stable clientele. Plus each month you will receive detailed reports of everything we are doing to promote your property. That way, even after we fill your facility, you keep it full.

  • Tenant Representation

    We know the Tulsa market. We can quickly find you the right location and negotiate the best transaction. But our intimate knowledge of the leasing market also enables us to find you the right building management team. How your space is managed will affect how your business runs. This key distinction, matching tenants to the right landlord, is what sets CRA apart.

  • Buyer Representation

    CRA has a track record of serving clients on a long-term basis. Finding the right site or building requires understanding your business, purchase requirements and timetable. Through 20 years of market experience and relationships, CRA has the ability to mine the market for the best purchase opportunities that fit your business model and your location needs.

  • Valuation

    Whether you are buying, selling or leasing, we can help you make sound decisions. The key question is always what is the property really worth? We provide our clients with answers to that question before they make critical decisions.

  • Development

    If you need to build, CRA can help you find the right site, select an architect, and guide you through the planning stage. Our relationships with construction professionals will make it possible for you to get the best cost for your new building.

  • Consulting

    Unlike many real estate brokers, CRA will work on a consulting basis by the job or by the hour. Many corporate real estate decisions require professional evaluation, but not a transaction. Our experience and unbiased consulting services make it possible for you to reach the best decision for your situation without fear of being pushed into an unnecessary transaction.

  • Property Management

    We can balance tenant satisfaction with owner return on investment, which keeps your property filled. Our team has over 50 years of property management experience and includes two Real Property Administrators certified by Building Owners and Managers International. In addition, our principal owner holds the Facility Management Administrator certification and Certified Facility Manager designation from the International Facility Managers Association.


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